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Module 4: Factors that affect influence job performance: Restricted Access

Please complete the previous course before taking this course.

If declarative knowledge is knowing what to do, procedural knowledge and skill is knowing “how to do it”.



Author: ED Dir

Declarative knowledge refers to knowledge about facts, principles, objects, etc. It represents the knowledge of a given task's requirements. It is the knowledge of “what’ to do” (Campbell 1990)

Declarative Knowledge

Author: ED DirComplexity: Standard

This section addresses two types of declarative knowledge important to job performance i.e. Job knowledge and knowledge of organizational policies and procedures

Attitudes and values

Author: ED Dir

An attitude can be defined as a positive or negative evaluation of people, objects, event, activities, ideas, or just about anything in your environment (attitude object).

Self empowerment

Author: ED DirComplexity: Standard

The first step towards self-empowerment is to identify the negative internal thoughts.

Work preferences

Author: ED Dir

A complete description of your work preferences should include statements that address three aspects of your ideal job

Your Motivating values

Author: ED Dir

Aligned values allow you to fulfill your organization’s values while acting in accordance with your own motivating values.

Procedural knowledge

Author: ED DirComplexity: Standard

Procedural knowledge refers to one’s ability to apply knowledge, and tools to execute a particular job or function

Competency definition

Author: ED DirComplexity: Standard

After reconstructing the job competency profile the candidate or employee seeking to advance his career must now attach meaning to the various competencies in the reconstructed job competency profile.

Identifying competency gaps

Author: ED DirComplexity: Standard

Assessing a competency’s indicator statements against set criteria enables the candidate to identify areas of strength and weakness in a given competency.

Self initiative

Author: ED DirComplexity: Standard

Self initiative refers to the ability to take action to accomplish a task or a goal without waiting for someone to tell you what to do.

Strategic empowerment action

Author: ED DirComplexity: Standard

Ismail decided that he would create a computerized catalogue of all the documents and their location and link the catalogue to designated sections of the document room.

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