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Wejoinnow provide transformational expertise and informational
products in career management, leadership and
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Express Expertise limited is an expert industry run by a wide range of professionals in social programming.Our primary aim is to shape a society where the right people do the right jobs, a leadership that produces results, and communication that brings

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What we do

We provide transformational express expertise and informational products in career management, leadership and communication for social change to customers in all corners of the world. We prepare and market a range of transformational expertise

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Our Customers

Our Customers include graduate students, employees, managers, leaders, program personnel, policy activists, professionals, consultants, policy makers, media personnel, national and local leaders in the social services industry.

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Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

Finding like minded people rarely happens when you idle at home alone. You need to put yourself in the ideal locations to find what or who will motivate you to reach your goal. The content of this Newsletter is [more]

Surround Yourself with the Right people

Who you spend time with is who you become! Change your life by consciously choosing to surround yourself with people with higher standards. The content of this Newsletter is obtained from the eBook 'Motivating [more]

Occasionally Check Your Progress

Checking your progress too often is one of the easiest ways to demotivate yourself. You will begin to imagine your progress to be much slower than it actually is or may condemn yourself as not really making any [more]

Setting Realistic Goals

Working towards something that is impossible for whatever reason will leave us too discouraged to achieve much else. S.M.A.R.T objectives ensure that you direct your efforts in the right direction. The content [more]

Define Success on your own terms

Success means totally different things to different people. In fact,even those with great wealth may not see themselves as successful. There is, however, one common theme in success. Success is no accident. [more]

How To Be Polite

Do not criticize the efforts of others, especially when it is obvious that they tried very hard to accomplish a particular task. If you must offer some constructive criticism, sandwich it with some genuine [more]

Be Yourself

There is no reason for us to allow the world around us to squeeze us into a mold that doesn’t really represent who we are. The content of this Newsletter is obtained from the eBook 'Heal Yourself'. Get a copy [more]

Be Generous

Being generous involves firstly, the readiness to give or being willing to give more than is required. The content of this Newsletter is obtained from the eBook 'Heal Yourself'. Get a copy here [more]

Be Forgiving

Being forgiving does not mean you have to be a pushover and allow yourself to be hurt over and over again. While you will let go of any grudge that you may have against the party or parties that wronged you, you [more]

Be Kind

Kindness fosters a spirit of cooperation, even among people who do not really know each other. The content of this Newsletter is obtained from the eBook 'Heal Yourself'. Get a copy here   [more]

Be Honest

  Most employers include the attribute ‘honesty’ as being of the utmost importance when seeking new recruits or considering a possible promotion of someone within. The content of this Newsletter is [more]

Know Your Limits

There is no limit to what you can achieve if you set your mind to it, and sometimes you will never know how strong you are until you try. You need to, however, ensure that reason and logic prevail when reaching [more]

Know Yourself

You cannot become your best self if you do not know what that entails. When you understand yourself, you are more likely to end up choosing a career that you love. The content of this Newsletter is obtained from [more]

Employer's Responsibilities

As an employee you have responsibilities, but what are your rights as an employee? Respect for workers' rights helps ensure equal opportunities for all women and men to obtain decent and productive work, in [more]

Workplace Responsibilities

Young people  may need help negotiating complicated employment issues as they work side by side with adults for the first time. When you have a job, certain things are required of you, and you must know what [more]

Tips on Money

Students may have unrealistic expectations about how they’ll support themselves. Salaries are only part of the story. Students may be surprised at the size of their paychecks once taxes and other deductions have [more]

The Working Teenager

Working can help young people feel responsible and independent but balancing work, friendships, school, and family can be stressful. Are you considering getting a part time job while you are still at school? Here [more]

Real-World Communication

Today we look at communicating in the real world. Young people discover that communicating effectively with adults or employers requires different skills than those they use with friends. The content for this [more]

Managing Money

In this week's Newsletter we look at managing money. Managing money is all about making choices and in order to make the right choices you need to make a distinction between 'wants' and 'needs'. The pressure to [more]

Career Cruising

Young people often base their career goals on jobs they can see. They may seek high profile jobs celebrated in the media or jobs held by people they Know and admire. In this week's Newsletter we help you [more]


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Analytical Thinking

analyical thinking

Values and Ethics

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Team Leadership

Team Leadership


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Results Orientation

Results Orientation

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

Creative Thinking




Career development


Change Leadership

Change Leadership

Client Focus

Client Focus
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