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Wejoinnow provide transformational expertise and informational
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Express Expertise limited is an expert industry run by a wide range of professionals in social programming.Our primary aim is to shape a society where the right people do the right jobs, a leadership that produces results, and communication that brings

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We provide transformational express expertise and informational products in career management, leadership and communication for social change to customers in all corners of the world. We prepare and market a range of transformational expertise

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Our Customers include graduate students, employees, managers, leaders, program personnel, policy activists, professionals, consultants, policy makers, media personnel, national and local leaders in the social services industry.

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Know Yourself

You cannot become your best self if you do not know what that entails. When you understand yourself, you are more likely to end up choosing a career that you love. The content of this Newsletter is obtained from [more]

Employer's Responsibilities

As an employee you have responsibilities, but what are your rights as an employee? Respect for workers' rights helps ensure equal opportunities for all women and men to obtain decent and productive work, in [more]

Workplace Responsibilities

Young people  may need help negotiating complicated employment issues as they work side by side with adults for the first time. When you have a job, certain things are required of you, and you must know what [more]

Tips on Money

Students may have unrealistic expectations about how they’ll support themselves. Salaries are only part of the story. Students may be surprised at the size of their paychecks once taxes and other deductions have [more]

The Working Teenager

Working can help young people feel responsible and independent but balancing work, friendships, school, and family can be stressful. Are you considering getting a part time job while you are still at school? Here [more]

Real-World Communication

Today we look at communicating in the real world. Young people discover that communicating effectively with adults or employers requires different skills than those they use with friends. The content for this [more]

Managing Money

In this week's Newsletter we look at managing money. Managing money is all about making choices and in order to make the right choices you need to make a distinction between 'wants' and 'needs'. The pressure to [more]

Career Cruising

Young people often base their career goals on jobs they can see. They may seek high profile jobs celebrated in the media or jobs held by people they Know and admire. In this week's Newsletter we help you [more]

Grow Your Intelligence

It is often asked whether people are born smart, or they get smart through hard work and practice? What you believe can make a big difference in school performance. In this week's Newsletter-Grow your [more]

Careers: Setting Goals

We are happy to introduce to our career development students the weekly "Careers" Newsletter. The content of this Newsletter is derived from The Road To Success Program whose curriculum, facilitator's' Guide and [more]

Reflections on the Festive Season

I wrote this Newsletter in 2012 and as I was reflecting on the festive season, I reached out to it again. So many of the ideas now looked so much the same then! Please read through it too and reflect on its [more]

How to Plan Your Career Path Course- An ALISON Selection

I recommend this free online course courtesy of ALISON to all Express Expertise members. In this free online course, Stan Christensen, a partner at Arbor Advisors, an investment banking firm, advises doing as [more]

Want To Change Your Career Field? Wait, Not Just Yet!

Want To Change Your Career Field? Wait, Not Just Yet!Are you currently unsatisfied with your job or the direction of your career?  If you are, you may be interested in changing career fields. While this is more than possible to do, it is important to remember that [more]

Think Twice Before Quitting Your Job

Think Twice Before Quitting Your JobAre you frustrated with your job?  Whether you dislike your boss, your coworkers, your work hours, or the pay, you may be interested in quitting your job.  Of course, the decision to quit your job is your [more]

Of Dead URL Links And Dead-End Jobs

Of Dead URL Links And Dead-End JobsYou have, no doubt, once or twice clicked on a URL (link) and found yourself face to face with a scary picture of a skull and two ‘crossed’ bones’. It was a dead link. Move this fast forward to your current [more]

Recognizing- What is on the plaque

Nixon, the company driver received the "Driver of the Year Award" at the end of the year as recognition for his stellar performance. The CEO handed Nixon a beautiful Glass plaque with carefully crafted [more]

Recognition- The Spirit Behind the Reward

Recognition- The Spirit Behind the RewardPeople make a distinction between a deliverable– a product or service rendered-and the ‘manner’ in which the item, product or service is delivered. There seems to be meaning beyond the recognition I infer! [more]

Transferable skills in plain English grammar

Transferable skills in plain English grammarIn their article “The Role of Transferable Skills in Career Planning”, CareerPerfect define transferable skills (or competencies) as skills you have acquired from past experiences that are transferable to a [more]

Of “classic” competences and career “empowerment strategies”

Of “classic” competences and career “empowerment strategies”A 'classic' may be defined as a piece of work or art, literature or even science which 'literally' does not 'go out of print'. It stands the 'test of time'.  You have no doubt heard about books or even music  of [more]

Want To Find A Job You Love?

Want To Find A Job You Love?Want To Find A Job You Love? Get insights from J.T O’Donnell, CEO of CAREEREALISM & CareerHMO. This article was featured at With more than 70% of the working [more]


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Analytical Thinking

analyical thinking

Values and Ethics

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Team Leadership

Team Leadership


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Results Orientation

Results Orientation

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

Creative Thinking




Career development


Change Leadership

Change Leadership

Client Focus

Client Focus
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